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Want to be an Industrious Insider? For a $8 one-time investment, you get the CAMS Recertification Interactive Worksheet and the Key To AML CAMS study guide. For an idea of what you get on the study guide, the Key to AML study guide includes information about the Five Pillars of an effective AML program, FATF 40 Recommendations, and the USA Patriot Act.

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If you want to be the Diligent Dynamo that you are, for a $50 first-month investment, includes one-month access, then $40 every month after, you get the CAMS Recertification Worksheet, Key To AML CAMS study guide, access to our webinars about success in your AML career, Be Bold Be Brave Career Planner, and access to the (unofficial) CAMS practice test.

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