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It is great that you took the time to visit this site.

This site was created to help the CAMS test-takers as another resource. If you want to take the studying further, invest in the Key To AML CAMS study guide through the secure exclusive membership site.

The CAMS is by no means an easy exam, however, it does provide practical knowledge and application. As a heads up, the exam questions are nothing like the study materials provided. This is one of the reasons the Key To AML CAMS study guide is so beneficial: it offers real world application as well as a more streamlined review of the CAMS exam material.

The facts are: the more regulated all types of industries are becoming, the higher in demand AML professionals are becoming. That is good news! There is no better time to become CAMS-certified.

Feel free to reach out to us for feedback. To take your knowledge and confidence even further, the (unofficial) CAMS exam through the secure site is available through the Diligent Dynamo membership. This membership also gives access to AML-centric webinars and our weekly career planner for the AML professional.

If you are here because you already passed the CAMS exam, and want to know where you are at for continuing education, here is the free interactive CAMS Recertification Worksheet sponsored by ACAMS.

Happy studying and best of luck!Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist